Hashim Choudhry is a Stockport based chemist who graduated from the Univeristy of Manchester with a first class degree. He was awarded with the Royal Society of Chemistry Award for achieving the highest degree mark from his cohort and The AF. Edwards Award for being the best practical chemist at University. cv


One to one

In classrooms with large number of pupils it may plead difficult to focus and concentrate; children can benefit from one to one sessions with a specialist delivered straight to your door. This allows for monitored progress and for academic support, going through topics students may find difficult.

Subject knowledge

Subject knowledge will be taught in great detail, covering vast amounts of the specification in efficient time allowing students to effectively understand the material. Chemistry as well as science in general are some of the hardest subjects hence its vital an adequate level of understanding is achieved to target those higher grades.

Exam preparation

Past exam questions will be explored so students can develop exam technique; tailoring their knowledge to the format of the exam, applying their subject knowledge and understanding to real exam problems. A large array of practise papers and questions will be supplied and marked up to examiner's standard to prepare for the big day. All of this will make those A*s seem so much more achievable.

  • With my exams coming up and no access to any of my teachers Hashim really came to the rescue when it came to tutoring. He helped me understand what three years of Chemistry couldn't do.

    Levi Kosters

  • Hashim helped me a great deal in my first year, I was struggling with organic chemistry. Hashim was calm and explained topics in a pleasant and concise way. If I ever need a tutor again I'll definitely come back to him!

    Aron van de Pol

  • Hashim has been amazingly patient, his understanding in chemistry is extraordinary and he was able to deliver complicated knowledge using simple words, which allowed me to quickly and easily understand the content. English is not my first language but still I felt very confident when he taught me.

    Michael yee lok Cheng


A-level Chemistry

A-level chemistry is my main focus, helping students in all areas of chemistry; including Organic, Inorganic and Physical.

GCSE Chemistry

For pupils in high school which allows them to help build a solid foundation within the physical sciences.


Taught to aid students in topics such as algebra, trigonometry and geometry, allowing students to apply such topics to real world problems.

GCSE Biology

Offered to students who will benefit from support in areas such as physiology, photosynthesis and genetics.

Price Plan

Which includes:

  • An hour with an academic graduate tutor.
  • Subject knowledge taught as well as extensive exam preparation.
  • Progress monitoring
  • Lesson delivered straight to your door
  • All of out of lesson preparation and resources included in the price.
  • Free out of hours help when required.
  • UCAS University application help including personal statement advice.


Contact me on:

  •    contact@hashimc.com
  •     07809133816

  • My specific location is Gatley, Stockport and I will be happy to commute around both Stockport and Manchester. If interested, pick up the phone and give me a call or drop me an email, I look forward to hearing from you.